Secure Yourself from Baltimore Area Copper Thieves

January 3, 2011 by  
Filed under Business Security Protection

If you own a Commercial Building or a Home in Baltimore, Maryland or the surrounding counties then you want to secure and protect your property from copper thieves. They cause more damage than termites, hurricanes and heavy snow storms. Most of these amateurs are looking for the copper and aluminum within the Heating and Air Condition Units (HVAC) to make a quick dollar. The problem is that while trying to extract the metals they end up destroying the units so bad that they cannot even be repaired.

Worst of all they will come back once the HVAC System has been replaced to strike again so having a security alarm system to protect the inside of the building is good but it does nothing to stop these bandits. Below are a few pictures of the damage they can cause and the estimated dollar value to replace the HVAC System for this job was over $40,000.00 so keep an eye out for any suspicious characters looking around at your building.

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