Security Systems are not the only thing.

February 6, 2010 by  
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There are many reasons to get a electronic security system and one of the most common reasons is to protect your assets. Let’s face it if your business has product, inventory, equipment, or money in your business then you have what someone else wants and you need to protect it.

Crime cost Maryland Businesses in the millions of dollars each year. It has a particularly damaging effect on companies that can lose both customers and employees after a wave of crime. This effect isolates them and increases their vulnerability to crime. There are ways that businesses can fight back and prevent crimes from occurring.

• Train all employees full time and part time including the cleaning staff- so they are familiar with security procedures and know your expectations.

• Keep detailed, up-to-date records. Store back-up copies off the premises. If you are ever victimized, you can access losses more easily and provide useful information for law enforcement investigations.

• Mark all equipment, including computers and cash registers, with an identification number (tax ID or license). Take pictures of all the equipment and keep a record of all identification numbers off the premises with other important records.

• Windows should have secure locks and remove all expensive items from your window displays at night and make sure you can see easily into your business after closing. Move valuable merchandise away from the door and windows to prevent “smash and grab” thefts.

• Check the parking lot for good lighting and unobstructed views.

• Light the inside and outside of your business, especially around doors, windows, skylights, or other entry points. Consider installing covers over exterior lights and power sources to deter tampering.

• Install locks on Dumpsters to prevent unauthorized trash dumping, a hiding place and keep your trash from being pick through for those looking for any type information.

• Make sure that your entire sales floor can be easily viewed. Eliminate any blind spots that may hide a robbery in progress. Keep displays neat, and place small and valuable objects in cabinets. Ensure that your staff is familiar with all of the merchandise in the store.

• Make bank deposits often and during business hours. Do not establish a regular pattern. Take different routes at different times during the day.

• Think before talking about the details of your job or working on sensitive projects in public places such as restaurants, airplanes, classrooms, and gyms.

• Think about what is on a piece of paper before you toss it into the trash. If it is sensitive information, tear it up or use a shredder.

• Challenge any strangers who enter your work area. Ask for identification. Call a supervisor or security for help.

• After hours, do not work late alone. Create a buddy system for walking to parking lots or public transportation or ask security to escort you.

• If a thief confronts you or your employees, cooperate. Merchandise and cash can always be replaced- people can’t!