Commercial Security Systems in Baltimore, Maryland

November 20, 2011 by  
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If you have a business in the Baltimore Metro Area then we would like to educate on some common mistakes that can be made when making a decision on purchasing a Alarm System for a business. Listed below is the 10 mistakes to avoid whether you have an existing system, looking to up grade or purchase new.

  1. Don’t get stuck in a long term monitoring contract because any reputable company will provide an annual monitoring contract.
  2. Customize how your alarm signals are handled by the monitoring station or how it reports in so false alarm fines can be avoided.
  3. Make sure all alarm signals are being monitored by a U.L. Listed Monitoring Station.
  4. All points of protection i.e., Motion Sensors, Door Sensors, Panic Buttons, Glass Break Sensors should be tied to an individual zone so alarm points can be easily identified.
  5. Have the system programmed to notify you if the backup battery gets low so you are never without a system if building power is loss.
  6. Always get an English Text Keypad so points of protection are displayed instead of a keypad with a little zone lights that can make it difficult to know what point of protection is faulted.
  7. All devices should have zone number labels on them.
  8. Ask if the installing company has a afterhours service.
  9.  Check to see if the U.L. Listed Monitoring Station located in Maryland or at least in the Mid-Atlantic region.
  10. Never purchase alarm equipment that is proprietary to the installing company because then you’re married to that company unless you rip out and replace the equipment.

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