If the answer is “YES” then call ACS Security.

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Video Surveillance

· Would you like to be at your business when you are not?

· Want to know how your employees conduct themselves while on company property?

· Tired of relying on 2nd hand information ?

· Are you interested in reducing risk of liability claims?

· Can you identify between employees and visitors?

Access Control

· Is your building security still a lock and key?

· Do you know everyone that has keys to your building?

· Would you like to know who and when someone enters the building?

· Can a person that is knocking at the door be identified?

· Are you interested in keeping certain areas controlled so only specific personnel can enter these areas?

· Would you like to have your doors be able to lock and unlock on a time schedule?

Intrusion Detection/Alarms

·  Would you like to know all the latest in security technology?

· Is your current alarm system more than five years old?

· Are you paying more than $300.00 per year for monitoring?

· Do you have remote access to arm or disarm your system?

· Can your current system send text messages and alerts?

· Are you experiencing more than 10 false alarms a year?

Critical Condition Monitoring

· Would you like to save money and protect your building and equipment from water damage, unstable temperatures, excessive heat and smoke damage?