Alarm Systems


 Listed are some of the alarm protective services we provide:

  • Door Protection
  • Glass Break for Windows
  • Interior Motion Sensors
  • Panic Alarms
  • Hi/Lo Temperatures
  • Moisture / Water Sensor
  • Power Failure
  • Smoke Detection
  • Pressure Sensors
  • Driveway Alarms
  • Fence Alarms
  • Outdoor Perimeter Protection
Easy to Read Security Keypad Professional Installation Security ProAberdeen, Maryland Security Systemstection  

Training your staff   

You need to make sure that everyone in the company knows how to use the alarm system. In most cases, it’s very easy and a matter of learning a few buttons. New pass codes should be issued to all new employees and if you have turn over it is not a bad idea to issue everyone a new pass code. This is very important if you decide to terminate an employee who is caught stealing or trespassing and need to eliminate that person’s access.  

Authorized personnel only  

You can assign individual pass codes to allow different internal and external groups to enter your business. This allows you to track which people come in and when. It’s also beneficial, for example, when a cleaning crew might come in after everyone has gone home for the evening.  

U.L. Listed Alarm Monitoring

If you are paying more than $300.00 per year for U.L. Listed  Alarm Monitoring for your Business Security System then you are paying too much.

Baltimore, Maryland Alarm Systems