Elements of a Security Video Surveillance Systems

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Here a fact and that is no two Security Video Surveillance Systems installed are the same regardless if the system components are from the same manufacture. Why would this be,  aren’t all video cameras, video recorders, connectors, power supply and wires the same? It’s obvious that there would be a difference between various types of cameras and recorders that are available today but not much thought is given to  the type of video transmission let alone the type of connectors to be used on a installation of a system.  There are so many variables involved that I would need another web site just to discuss all the different technologies and intricacies of installing a system.

Some people think it is just plug n’ play and there is no difference between systems as long as there is a picture on the monitor, it’s all good to them. Well if the requirement is to have a general view of an area and there is no need to detect events or indentify anything then this type of system is doing what is required and that is to offer a deterrence. The one thing I see at least once a month is I get a call from someone that got a great deal on a Video Surveillance System through a Big Box Store, Online Auction House or a Website. It is always one of three things that happen within the first few months of the system being installed by others. On playing back video the recorded video quality is so poor that you do not know what you are actually seeing. Another request is if I can clean up the video so a specific shot can identify who or what is in the video. Most common is the camera pictures starts to fade, gets static or very blurry at night. The question is what caused the problem product, wire, connector, power or installation who knows unless you get a professional to come out to see what is the problem.

The key thing here is not to knock a particular product or installation skill by others but it is to educate you to really to understand what you are trying to accomplish with a Security Video Surveillance System. Are you trying to Deter, Detect or Identify because all three have a different relation as well as a common purpose when it comes to implementing a system.  

If the goal is just to view an area just to see what is going on i.e. Back Door, Front Lobby or Parking Area then having cameras providing a general view offer a good deterrent against crimes being committed. When greater detail is required to see specific activity or capture certain events then a  Higher Resolution Cameras with a Variable Focal Lens should be used with a Digital Recorder that records at a faster frame rate on to provide detection where needed.

Now for the applications where the need is to indentify i.e. Cash Transactions, License Plates or a People then there are specific cameras required to capture this information such as High Definition Cameras. These cameras are great for providing detailed information while being recorded on a Network Video Recorder (NVR) with a substantial size hard drive so allot of video information can be recorded.

As you can see no two systems are alike and most application are not trying to do just one thing but they are trying to Deter, Detect and Identify  with a specific discipline based on the type of camera used for each application. This where a professional comes in to help determine what the expectation is and how best to accomplish what you want without an over kill system or a System that under performs. ACS Security Systems, Inc. has been designing, installing and servicing Security Video Surveillance Systems  for over 20 years and we invite you to give us a call to help educate, survey and price a system that really meets your needs.

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