Going crazy trying to protect your Maryland Business

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Installing a Baltimore business alarm system can be a smart business move if you have concerns about the safety of your employees, property and business. A good alarm system is one of the most cost effective ways to protect your investments such as equipment, supplies and inventory, as well as the safety of your employees. There are some lingering myths about installing a alarm system that keep people from protecting thier assets.

It’s common knowledge that alarm systems notify you if your business is broken into. When an alarm goes off, the monitoring service is contacted and they send the local police to the location to deal with the trouble. Currently, even most basic systems give you the added protection of security and monitoring.

Nevertheless, despite the many advantages of alarm systems, some individuals are still reluctant to put them in since they have erroneous ideas about how they work. You need to base your decision on factual information and analysis so let us dispel some of the common myths and misconceptions.

1. – The first misconception is that you have to pay too much for putting them in and requires a dedicated phone line. That’s untrue nowadays. Commonly, monitoring costs less than $25 per month and can be paid on a annual basis and the system can use on of the existing phone lines such as a fax line.

2. – It is an unneeded cost and will not help my bottom line. Although nothing bad may ever happen, it’s important to realize that losses from a single criminal entry will almost certainly cost you much more than the price of the monitoring the alarm system.  Your insurance company may lower your insurance payments as well if your company’s buildings are safeguarded by a alarm system.

3. – They are both hard to utilize properly and require a lot of time for employee training. In truth, a quality security system is very easy to use. If you are able to work an ATM machine, you can operate a burglar alarm system. This is similar for employees and usually it requires less than an hour to demonstrate and train you in the procedure.

4. – A power failure or cut phone line will disable the system. If you have just a good security surveillance system, it will most likely have a back up battery for any emergency. If any problem is detected, these backup systems will both kick in automatically.

5. – False alarms happen frequently and we will get in trouble with police in our community. With a monitored system, the alert will go to the monitoring center first. A monitor will contact you or one of people on your contact list if they believe a problem is occurring. Because they do that, police will rarely receive unnecessary alarm calls. An alert will sound and you’ll be able to type the correct code in if you didn’t do so the first time.

If these myths have stopped you from securing your business then let these clarifications give you the facts needed to take the steps towards installing a burglar alarm system. Security systems are a great investment, and will return the cost of its purchase by giving you a piece of mind, and safety.



Who’s at your Door?

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I get asked a lot from various companies and organizations in the Baltimore Metro Area, “Is there a simple security solution to keep people from just walking through the door”? The simple answer is just lock your doors but that becomes unproductive and not a very secure method. Who knows who could be walking through the door, it could be a legitimate visitor, customer, delivery person or a fellow employee and you don’t want to give out the impression that you are in a unsafe part of town. Plus someone could be waiting a long time outside and become pretty upset. This also means somebody has to go to the door every time to see who is there and that would get old quick.

You never know this could be a pesky salesperson trying to sell some of those really nice wall hangings they have in the trunk of their car. Worst it could be someone or a group of people that you don’t even want close to your door but they are either walking in or giving who ever answers the door trouble from the very start. The real simple solution is to have a Security Video/Intercom System with electric lock release.


When a visitor, customer, delivery person or employee comes to the door they can simply push a button and the person on the inside can communicate verbally as well as see who it is at the door. The Door Station has a Video Surveillance Camera built so most people don’t realize you can see them. A Security Video/Intercom System is great way to allow staff to communicate with anyone that they feel does not need to come into the facility without being fearful or rude.


Now just don’t think about the Main Entrance Door how about if there is a door far away like in a warehouse, back office or on a different level. Then just add another Door Security Station and allow one person or multiple people to control access into the building. The Security Video/Intercom System works well to control access and is modular so the possibilities are endless when it comes to providing security for your facility.