Video Surveillance Cameras: Seeing is believing

March 26, 2010 by  
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Installing video surveillance cameras is becoming a better way to secure your business or organization so you know what is really happening at the present time or what events actually occurred. This all can be done on site or from anywhere in the world with an high speed internet connection.

According to most police agencies a video surveillance system is a major deterrent against crime. When a potential offender sees that you have security cameras they fear of being seen or recorded for prosecution purposes, they usually abandon any idea of conducting a crime or move on to someplace else with less security. The information captured on a Digital Video Recorder is most beneficial to the police so that they can pinpoint where and when a specific event actually took place.

This technology not only helps the police but even in matters where there is no crime committed it allows owners and managers to get true information about what is taking place when they might not be at the site in question. Ever wonder how employees conduct themselves, are customers being treated properly and who is actually visiting the facility.


Before implementing a video surveillance system there are a few things you will need to consider.

• What are the expectations? Will the system be used for general surveillance, Identification, to deter and detect thefts,   observation of certain areas or processes?

• Which area needs attention? Define the place or process such as entrances, employees, customers, cash register, machine operators or parking.

• Where is the object of security concern located: indoor or outdoor, far or near?

• What are the prevailing lighting conditions at such locations?

• How long do you need to capture, view, record and store images for observation and reference?

ACS Security offers a complete free site survey to help determine what is the best solution for your areas of concern. We even offer a no-obligation “try it before you buy it demo” that means we will come to your site and install a camera, monitor, digital video recorder and software and allow you to play around with the system at your leisure for a few days.

“Don’t wait until something happens call us right now before that something actually does happen.”

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